Experimental Calendars


3 weeks, Oct/Nov 2016 

Program used

Annabelle Gould

Calendars are personally difficult products for me to invest in. The grid space is too small to write every event, the monthly photo or illustration is not always desirable, or they simply fall to the floor unnoticed, because they're forgettable. This set of 3 calendars is designed to challenge that, so I opted to create visually dynamic, informative, and attention-grabbing calendars. The result conveys a mood for each month, using only type, lines, and color to do so. This exercise was completed for DES376: Advanced Typography (print, 11in x 18in).

poster mockup.jpg


Because calendars are traditionally 2-dimensional, I wanted to challenge that format without changing the print medium, which resulted in an isometric solution. To make each calendar unique, yet cohesive, I opted to treat the shadows differently and vary the weight of the type. Ultimately, I defined my only constraints as the typeface (Source Sans Pro) and the angle of the letterforms.