Seattle Public Library Rebrand


6 weeks, Feb/March 2017

Ben Graham

The downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library is an architectural, historical, and social icon. It serves as a tourist attraction, educational space, and photoshoot location. However, the current brand and visual system of the Seattle Public Library system itself does not unite this location to the other 26 local branches. In order to unify the diverse spaces and function of Seattle's libraries, I opted to rebrand the Seattle Public Library into a more accessible, individual-focused brand that captures what each branch has in common: the pursuit of knowledge in a solitary, quiet space. 


Brand Executions

The folder and envelope interior feature inverted versions of the logo mark, creating an interlocking pattern. Some pieces feature handwritten type, referencing the handwritten elements found in library books.


Poster Series
Each promotional poster illuminates a different aspect of the library by addressing different demographics: children, career builders, and adults. 


The website is a visually modern update to the current site, with cleaner navigation and large hero imagery.


Initial Moodboard
I used academic and personal imagery to convey the individual pursuit of knowledge. Contrary to the push for libraries to become more contemporary, I wanted to focus on the more nostalgic, analog part of libraries: paper textures, notes in margins, etc. 


Logo Development
Inspired by dog-eared pages and the idea of folding a shape from one piece of paper, the mark moved from the 3-lettered SPL to the monogram S. The simple geometric form also calls to the geometry of the iconic Downtown Seattle branch architecture.


Brand Guidelines